Now, Conjurers

Freddie Koelsch

Now, Conjurers
HarperCollins Publishers
United Kingdom
5 June 2024

Now, Conjurers

Freddie Koelsch

November 1999, North Dana, Massachusetts. The body of Bastion Attia – high school quarterback, secret witch, and Nesbit Nuñez’s even-more-secret boyfriend – is discovered at the edge of Stepwood Cemetery. As Nesbit and his coven of queer misfits investigate Bastion’s death they discover local folktales of Mr. Nous, a terrifying wish-granting creature, one whose gifts come at a terrible price.The coven must do battle against an age-old evil before it strikes again …

Now, Conjurers is a wildly original, spinechilling YA debut about queer found family and a love that outlasts death.


It’s 1999. In North Dana, Massachusetts, the partially eaten body of Nesbit Nuñez’s secret boyfriend, Bastion Attia, is found. Bastion was the heart of the North Coven, a band of witches including Dove, Drea, Brandy and, of course, Nesbit. The coven vow to find out who murdered Bastion, but what they discover is even more spine-chilling than a simple murder. They must work through their grief while banding together to stop the red-gloved monster who has been tormenting North Dana for decades.

This debut novel is a unique and gut-wrenching story that will chill you to your core. With vibrant prose and vivid world-building, I was utterly captivated from the very first page and throughout the many twists and turns. Freddie Kölsch has created an authentic queer story with a range of LBGTQIA+ representation in her characters.

I often say enemies to lovers is my favourite trope, but found family is my one true love. Kölsch has created a cast of perfectly flawed and loveable misfits that I absolutely adored. I wish I’d had friends like them when I was in high school.

Now, Conjurers includes many classic YA tropes without being tiresome and will also attract non-YA readers with its ’90s nostalgic feel. This is the perfect mix of dark fantasy, horror and mystery — it will have you on the edge of your seat. For fans of V.E. Schwab and the ’90s cult classic, The Craft, and ages 14+.

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