The Midnight Feast

Lucy Foley

The Midnight Feast
HarperCollins Publishers
United Kingdom
19 June 2024

The Midnight Feast

Lucy Foley

Midsummer, the Dorset coast.

Guests gather for the opening of The Manor hotel, the new jewel on the Dorset coastline. The champagne is flowing, the guest list sparkling, the sun setting on an unforgettable summer solstice.

But under the cloak of celebration, something dark is stirring. The Manor has a secret history; built in the shadows of an ancient wood.

Now old friends and enemies are creeping out of the shadows.

And they’ll soon discover what other deadly secrets come out at night . . .

Laced with atmosphere and a chilling edge of folklore, The Midnight Feast is available to pre-order now.


Lucy Foley is back with another suspenseful read, The Midnight Feast. The story unfolds at The Manor, an extravagant estate promising a tranquil escape for only the most privileged, which is having its opening night. Owned by Francesca Woodland, The Manor hides dark secrets beneath its facade of serenity. Francesca’s husband, Owen, is captivated by her charm, and their whirlwind marriage, but he carries his own shadows from the past which threaten their future together.

Plans for a summer solstice feast at The Manor are disrupted by Bella, a mysterious guest from Francesca’s past, who arrives and stirs up unresolved tragedies. Amid this, 19-year-old Eddie, a kitchen helper, struggles with loyalty to The Manor as his local community seeks vengeance against it, all while dealing with his own dysfunctional family.

As the narrative unfolds, Detective Inspector Walker investigates the solstice’s chaotic aftermath, which culminates in multiple deaths, terrified guests, and a blazing inferno at The Manor. The events raise a barrage of questions: What transpired during the solstice? Who perished in the fire? Who bears responsibility for the chaos? Readers are drawn into a riveting game of unravelling the truth, guided by Foley’s masterful storytelling, which keeps us guessing at every turn.

With its multiple points of view and intricate narrative structure, The Midnight Feast immerses readers in a world where nothing is as it seems. From its incisive commentary on the privileged elite to its exploration of class divisions, the book offers a compelling and immersive reading experience. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, readers are challenged to piece together the truth behind The Manor’s dark secrets, navigating through twists and turns that keeps us enthralled until the final revelation. Highly recommended for all mystery lovers.

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