Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar

Clara Vulliamy

Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar
HarperCollins Publishers
United Kingdom
5 August 2020

Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar

Clara Vulliamy

A hilarious new series from Clara Vulliamy, the author-illustrator of Dotty Detective, about grumpy cat Marshmallow Pie and his reluctant pursuit of stardom. Perfect for fans of Toto the Ninja Cat or The Secret Life of Pets.

Marshmallow Marmaduke Vanilla-Bean Sugar-Pie Fluffington-Fitz-Noodle is a big, fluffy (and grumpy) cat. He LOVES the easy life: lazing in the sunshine, eating Shrimp Crunchies and annoying Buster, the dog downstairs.

His new owner, Amelia Lime, has grand plans to turn Pie into a STAR… But Pie thinks he’s a star already, to be honest!

Told in the hilarious voice of Marshmallow Pie himself, his mischievous antics are illustrated throughout in black and white.


Marshmallow Pie, full name Marshmallow Marmaduke Vanilla-Bean Sugar-Pie Fluffington- Fitz-Noodle, resides in an apartment building with Amelia and her Dad. Amelia is an independent and creative young person and when she picks up a flyer about auditions for pets, it becomes her project to make Marshmallow Pie a star. Marshmallow Pie much prefers lying around dreaming of roast chicken to learning tricks, but does get excited about some aspects of showbiz glamour, especially fabulous hats!

Buster the dog is Marshmallow’s arch nemesis. He lives on the balcony of the apartment downstairs. When they meet at the audition it’s a recipe for chaos, but can Marshmallow bring the old razzle dazzle and become a celebrity regardless? There are a lot of laughs and so many lovely illustrations in this book, including a cool map of the flat Marshmallow lives in. This is the kind of sweet and funny chapter book that new readers and young cat lovers are very hungry for!

Kim Gruschow is the children’s book buyer at Readings St Kilda.

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