Oliver Jeffers

HarperCollins Publishers
United Kingdom
1 September 2011


Oliver Jeffers

Delightful chaos ensues when a young boy gets his kite stuck up a tree in this laugh-out-loud new picture book from award-winning, internationally best-selling author-illustrator Oliver Jeffers!
Floyd gets his kite stuck up a tree. He throws up his shoe to shift it, but that gets stuck too. So he throws up his other shoe and that gets stuck, along with… a ladder, a pot of paint, the kitchen sink, an orang-utan and a whale, amongst other things!

Will Floyd ever get his kite back?

A hilarious book with a wonderful surprise ending.


Oliver Jeffers is one of the superstars of picture books, and every time a new one of his books come out, fans young and old get excited. I count myself among the legions of people who would probably mob OIiver in the street, since his books are, without fail, wonderful.

Stuck is his latest offering, and I can honestly say I think it’s one of his best. All of his books contain strange situations that are often laugh-out-loud funny, but my first reading of Stuck really had me in stitches. It all starts when Floyd’s kite gets stuck in a tree. To get it down, he tries throwing his shoe at it. When the shoe gets stuck, he tries throwing his other shoe at it. That gets stuck too. And so begins a snowball effect of bigger and bigger objects (not all of them inanimate), all of which get stuck.

The comedic timing in this book is just superb, and I can see lots of laughter during read-alouds as young readers try to guess exactly what Floyd will try next. This is a wonderfully absurd book which should be read by everyone, everywhere.

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