Staring Down The Brilliant Dream Live

Indigo Girls

Staring Down The Brilliant Dream Live
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30 June 2010

Staring Down The Brilliant Dream Live

Indigo Girls

Indigo Girls Amy Ray and Emily Saliers celebrate their long-standing passion for live performance on their upcoming release, Staring Down the Brilliant Dream. The 2-disc CD features 31 songs, each hand-selected by the GRAMMY®-winning duo to capture the most memorable moments of their 20062009 shows. The CD reflects the spontaneity of a typical Indigos concert and includes a mix of solo performances and other numbers backed by their full band, plus vocal collaborations with such guests artists as Brandi Carlile and Jill Hennessey. Staring Down the Brilliant Dream encapsulates the wide range of emotions that fill their shows with fire and wonder, from the warm, sing-a-long spirit of Saliers’ Closer to Fine to the political combustion of Ray’s Go.With two decades and countless concerts behind them, it would be understandable if the duo now found it hard to distinguish one concert from the next. Instead, as this CD proves, they remain as engaged and present onstage as ever.For each track, Saliers and Ray have penned personal notes on how they wrote the song, what they remember about that specific show, and whyamong the thousands to chose fromthey value this performance so much. This 2-disc set is a brilliant reminder of all those concerts we were lucky to catchand consolation for the ones we hated to miss.

Disk 1

  1. Heartache (10/27/06 | Chicago, Il)
  2. Closer To Fine (10/03/09 | Morristown, Nj)
  3. Go (11/11/06 | Ventura, Ca)
  4. Come On Home (10/04/09 | Concord, Nh)
  5. Devotion (10/03/09 | Morristown, Nj)
  6. Cold Beer (09/25/09 | Knoxville, Tn)
  7. Moment Of Forgiveness (6/24/08 | Yountville, Ca)
  8. Fill It Up Again (11/05/06 | Seattle, Wa)
  9. Sugar Tongue (10/04/09 | Concord, Nh)
  10. Fly Away (11/05/06 | Seattle, Wa)
  11. Ozilline (07/17/08 | Vienna, Va)
  12. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (6/24/08 | Yountville, Ca)
  13. Kid Fears (10/26/06 | St. Louis, Mo)
  14. Watershed (07/11/08 | Lowell, Ma)
  15. Shame On You (11/11/06 | Ventura, Ca)

Disk 2

  1. Get Out The Map (11/05/06 | Seattle, Wa)
  2. Salty South (07/11/09 | San Luis Obispo, Ca)
  3. The Wood Song (10/03/09 | Morristown, Nj)
  4. Three County Highway (10/28/06 | Chicago, Il)
  5. Digging For Your Dream (10/01/09 | Harrisburg, Pa)
  6. Rock And Roll Heaven’s Gate (10/27/06 | Chicago, Il)
  7. I Believe In Love (11/05/06 | Seattle, Wa)
  8. Fugitive (10/03/09 | Morristown, Nj)
  9. Cordova (07/13/08 | Concord, Nh)
  10. What Are You Like (10/01/09 | Harrisburg, Pa)
  11. Second Time Around (10/03/09 | Morristown, Nj)
  12. Love Of Our Lives (10/04/09 | Concord, Nh)
  13. Become You (10/02/09 | Tarrytown, Ny)
  14. Prince Of Darkness (07/15/08 | Rutland, Vt)
  15. Tether ( 11/11/06 | Ventura, Ca)
  16. Wild Horses (10/04/09 | Concord, Nh)


This double album features live recordings from various 2006–2009 performances. All the hits are here, in the gutsy, vibrant versions that live shows can generate. Sisters Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, with their penchant for socially and politically conscious song writing, have gathered a huge following that will love the freewheeling mood of this extensive collection.

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