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10 meownificent picture books about cats

by Leanne Hall

Cats make truly excellent characters in picture books, due to their natural charisma, sinuous curves, acrobatic moves and unique life outlook. Here are our favourite picture books for feline admirers. Blue Ethel by Jennifer Black Reinhardt

Ethel the cat is initially embarrassed when she accidentally dyes her fur a different colour, but she soon finds another colourful cat friend and embrace…

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10 pawsome picture books about dogs

by Leanne Hall

Dogs make truly excellent characters in picture books, due to their superior handsomeness, poor impulse control, waggy tails and co-dependency. Here are our favourite picture books for canine appreciators. Poor Louie by Tony Fucile

Anxious chihuahua Louie finds himself losing attention and space to the growing tribe of human babies being produced by family friends. When his own owners start…

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Indigenous Australian voices & stories to read this month

We’re pleased to have a host of books exploring Indigenous culture and perspectives out this month – including compelling fiction from two award-winning authors, a revitalising collection of essays from Indigenous voices, and a vibrant board book from a first-time children’s author. Common People by Tony Birch

Tony Birch is a much-loved author here at Readings, and so we’re delighted to hav…

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The best new crime reads of the month

by Fiona Hardy

CRIME BOOK OF THE MONTH And Fire Came Down by Emma Viskic

Since Emma Viskic’s debut novel Resurrection Bay took out two of Australia’s biggest crime awards – the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Fiction and a slew of Davitt Awards – readers have been waiting for the sequel. Here it is: a spectacular return to the world of the brittle Caleb Zelic, a private investigator whose office has been m…

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Our children’s and YA top 10 bestsellers of the week

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon A Most Magical Girl by Karen Foxlee The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster (Polly and Buster Book 1) by Sally Rippin In My Heart by Jo Witek and Christine Roussey In My Room by Jo Witek and Christine Roussey The World’s Worst Children 2 by David Walliams and Tony Ross Bitter Enemies (F

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Five book-to-film adaptations worth watching

by Danielle Roche

Book-to-film adaptations can be contentious, and especially if you feel a lot of affection for the original story. Here, our work experience student Danielle Roche reflects on what makes a good adaptation work, and shares five of her favourites.

Whenever a new trailer for an upcoming film that’s based on a book I’ve read is released, I always feel a rush of excitement in the lead up, waiting t…

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Anna George on sleep debt in The Lone Child

by Anna George

Author Anna George reflects on how a lack of sleep informed her second novel, The Lone Child – a gripping, atmospheric story of early motherhood. We recently interviewed George over on the Readings Podcast. You can listen to our conversation with her here.

I’d never heard of a sleep debt until after I was seriously in the red – having spent months sleeping four or five hours a night. I now kn…

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What we’re reading: Sandra Pankhurst, Sandhya Menon & Steve Erickson

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films and TV shows we’re watching, and the music we’re listening to. Ellen Cregan is reading two memoirs that explore dark territory

I recently read The Trauma Cleaner, an amazing biography due to hit shelves in October. It tells the story of Sandra Pankhurst, a woman who runs a cleaning business. Except this isn’t any ordinary…

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Why you should read Megan Abbott

Three booksellers on why you need to start reading Megan Abbott.

‘Megan Abbott’s psychological thrillers are dreamy, immersive, knife-sharp explorations of adolescent girlhood: competition, emerging sexuality, expectations and self-realisation. Those ordinary dramas are made extraordinary by being embedded in gripping, fast-paced mysteries.

In The Fever, the girls at one high school are falli…

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