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The best picture books have animals as doctors

by Leanne Hall

The best sort of picture book is one that features animals being doctors, and I’ll brook no arguments about this.

An oldie but a goodie is Dr Dog (Babette Cole), which kids love, and which some parents find intolerable due the level of scatological attention.

The disgusting Gumboyles call on Dr Dog, a Bassett hound, when the entire family falls ill. Dr Dog hotfoots back from a medical conferen…

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Q&A with Belinda Castles, author of Hannah & Emil

by Jessica Au

Belinda Castles chats with Jessica Au about her novel, Hannah & Emil.

Tell us about writing*Hannah & Emil* – where did the idea start for you?

Hannah and Emil is based on the lives of my grandparents. As a child I knew bits and pieces about their lives but there were two secrets that emerged when my German grandfather died. One was that my grandmother was Jewish, and so then were her sons,…

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Roadtasting: Simon Bryant’s Vegies

by Chris Gordon

Our resident foodie Chris Gordon takes Simon Bryant’s Vegies for a road test in her own kitchen.

Firstly could I commend the designers for the front cover of this wonderful collection of recipes by Bryant. What is there not to love about a man holding spring onions and a lettuce wearing a very cheeky smile? It certainly got my attention. That image and the title - Vegies. No beating around …

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Q&A with Liza Klaussmann, author of Tigers In Red Weather

by Jessica Au

Liza Klaussmann tells us some books that she loves.

What’s the last book you loved, and why?

Dare Me by Megan Abbott: sinister, funny and sharp as hell.

Which literary character do you secretly wish you were?

Lady Brett Ashley, from The Sun Also Rises. What a woman.

What was your big rite-of-passage book as a teenager?

The Collected Works of Anne Sexton. Confessional poetry dovetails ni…

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Classical Music Books

by Kate Rockstrom

Our classical music specialist Kate Rockstrom talks us through books about music, and shares some of her favourites.

We talk a lot about music but there’s something to be said for books about music - whether you agree that descriptions of music are accurate or not. With the release of another book to add to Andrew Ford’s already impressive library, Try Whistling This, I found myself thinking of…

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Helen Garner’s Recommended Reads

Helen Garner shares her recommended reads with us in preparation for her appearance at Carlton for National Bookshop Day.

To celebrate National Bookshop Day - this Saturday the 11th of August - Helen Garner will be reading from her favourite books. Helen is an extraordinary writer: sharp, original, and bristling with intelligence. She has previously received a Walkley Award for journalism in…

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The Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards Shortlists 2012

The shortlisted titles for this year’s Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards have been announced.

A big congratulations to all the authors and publishers. This year’s shortlist features plenty of favourites including Anna Funder, Gillian Mears, Frank Moorhouse and Alice Pung. All category winners will go in the running to win the Victorian Prize for Literature, worth $100,000.

Here are the sh…

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Andrea Goldsmith’s Recommended Reads

Andrea Goldsmith shares her recommended reads with us in preparation for her appearance at Carlton for National Bookshop Day.

To celebrate National Bookshop Day - this Saturday the 11th of August - Andrea Goldsmith will be reading from her favourite books. Andrea originally trained as a speech pathologist and was a pioneer in the development of communication aids for people unable to speak befo…

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The Story of My Book: Kim Kane on The Unexpected Crocodile

by Kim Kane

Kim Kane tells us the story behind her new picture book - illustrated by Sara Acton - *The Unexpected Crocodile.*

Kim Kane with her (adorable) twin boys and an ‘expected’ crocodile.

Some of my storybook ideas brew for a number of years and others sweep to the page, fully formed. Fortunately, The Unexpected Visitor was one of the latter.

When my twins were babies, I emerged from a hazy bre…

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Paddy O’Reilly talks with Jacinta Halloran about Pilgrimage

by Paddy O'Reilly

Melbourne writer Jacinta Halloran talks about medicine, growing up Catholic and gentle reincarnations of belief in her second novel, Pilgrimage.

If a pilgrimage is a journey guided by a moral or spiritual imperative, what then is a pilgrimage undertaken by one who doesn’t believe? Jacinta Halloran’s new novel asks that question when Celeste, a paediatrician who has long ago abandoned her Cat…

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