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Romy Ash talks to Tony Birch about Floundering

by Tony Birch

Debut novelist Romy Ash talks to Tony Birch about what it means to be a child both loved and abandoned, and the dark menace of Australia’s far-flung corners in her new book Floundering.

Towards the conclusion of this remarkable debut novel by Romy Ash, Nev, a crusty and dangerously flawed loner, holding court with himself in a caravan at the edge of nowhere, gives advice to our young narrat…

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Q&A with Pierz Newton-John, author of Fault Lines

by Jessica Au

Jessica Au from Readings St Kilda chats to Melbourne author Pierz Newton-John about his debut collection of short stories, Fault Lines.

Many of the stories in Fault Lines play upon a certain kind of suburban unease – relationships growing stagnant, boys bullied and turned violent, crocodiles kept as pets in garden sheds, wasp’s nests in bathroom walls. Do you feel as a writer that there’s s

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Meet the Bookseller with Chris Rainier from Readings Hawthorn

We chat to Chris Rainier from Readings Hawthorn about 70s paperbacks, meeting Michael Palin and the alleged reading tastes of Great Danes.

Why do you work in books?

It’s just about the only way I can keep track of the avalanche of books, music and film that gets ceaselessly poured onto the world – and get paid for it! There’s always something new. It’s a working environment that never ceas…

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Q&A with Paddy O’Reilly, author of The Fine Colour of Rust

by Jessica Au

Jessica Au from Readings St Kilda chats to Paddy O'Reilly about her second novel The Fine Colour of Rust.

**Your narrator, Loretta – a single mum struggling to raise her kids in a stranded rural town – is such a fresh voice: funny, deprecating and frank all at once. (She dreams of dumping Melissa and Jake at an orphanage, for example, yet is willing to go-for-broke to rally a less-than-enth…

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Q&A with Leanne Hall, author of Queen of the Night

by Andrew McDonald

Young Adult author - and Readings' own - Leanne Hall talks to Andrew McDonald about Queen of the Night, the sequel to her Text Prize-winning novel of 2010 This Is Shyness. Also mentioned are nocturnal plants, the wafflelessness of YA fiction and the movie Blade.

Queen of the Night continues the stories of Wolfboy and Wildgirl that began in your debut novel This is Shyness What attracted you

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Q&A with Deborah Abela, author of Ghost Club

by Holly Harper, Readings Carlton

Our resident YA specialist Holly Harper chats with author Deborah Abela about writing for kids, an eternal love of Dr Seuss and her brand new Ghost Club series.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book?

In 1855, a group of men met in secret in Trinity College, Cambridge to talk about ghosts. It came about due to a love of the paranormal and the rise in new technologies, such as pho…

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Q&A with Chris Flynn, author of A Tiger in Eden

by Jessica Au

Chris Flynn has worn many hats over the years – as publisher of the journal Torpedo and currently as fiction editor at The Big Issue.

Here, he chats with Jessica Au from Readings St Kilda about his debut novel, A Tiger in Eden, which follows charismatic but troubled Loyalist hard-man Billy Montgomery on the run from police in 90s Thailand.

Tell us how A Tiger in Eden began for you – what was

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Q&A with George Megalogenis, author of The Australian Moment

by Sean O'Beirne

Sean O'Beirne of Readings Carlton chats with much respected journalist and blogger George Megalogenis about his latest book, The Australian Moment – a political narrative that examines how Australia managed to survive the GFC, and the possibilities and downfalls that might lie ahead.

The Australian Moment is a rare kind of book for an Australian author to write: it’s a history, a book of repor

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Meet the Bookseller with Jason Austin from Readings Carlton

by Jason Austin

We chat to Jason Austin from Readings Carlton about chancing upon Joseph Boyden’s Three Day Road, the appeal of morally ambiguous characters and not underestimating Young Adult fiction. Why do you work in books?

I have always loved stories and although I love film too, books offer something very different. You create the author’s world in your head and that version of that world can differ gr…

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Q&A with Michael Sala, author of The Last Thread

by Martin Shaw

The Last Thread is a novel about a life in fiction – recalling a young boy’s childhood in the Netherlands and a family’s journey to Australian during the 1980s, as well as the tangled strings that bind them together. Here, Readings’ Books Division Manager Martin Shaw, who describes the book as ‘a gutsy, moving, beautifully wrought and utterly compelling work’ chats to author Michael Sala about a…

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