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Diego Marani on Translation

by Sam Rutter

You have worked as a translator for the European Union. Just how many languages do you work with?

I still work at the EU, but now I am a policy officer in charge of the Multilingualism Policy for the promotion of language learning. I used to translate from English, French, Dutch and Finnish. Our working languages are English and French and sometimes others, depending on the colleagues we have.

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TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Summer

by Nina Kenwood

Let’s face it – if you go out this summer you’ll probably just end up sunburnt, or hung-over, or both. Now is actually the perfect time of year to hole up inside with the blinds drawn, marathoning episodes of a TV show. Forget your friends, forget your kids, forget the beach, throw away that book you’ve been meaning to read (kidding – don’t do that). You’ve got shows to watch.

If you’re looking …

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Readings Foundation Grant Recipients Announced

The Readings Foundation has announced grants totalling $151,319 to support a range of projects and organisations in 2013.

61 applications for funding were received, which is an increase on the 44 applications received for the last grant round. The Foundation will support projects that specifically target literacy outcomes for children and adults through a variety of educational methods, a…

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Q&A with Matthew Condon, author of The Toe Tag Quintet

by Fiona Hardy

Matthew Condon chats with our crime-nut, Fiona Hardy, about his new novel The Toe Tag Quintet, a sharp, funny crime read.

In Toe Tag Quintet, a Sydney cop moves to the Gold Coast to retire and finds almost instantly that he would have experienced a more relaxing time had he stayed at work. Did you enjoy taking crime out of its typical home in Sydney and Melbourne and into sunny Queensland?

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Gift Ideas for Classical Music Lovers

by Kate Rockstrom

Christmas is upon us again!

While an integral part of Christmas are the carols, Handel’s Messiah and many other classical works, there are many classical music lovers out there and you don’t have to be stuck on carols to appreciate the world of classical music at this time of year.

Here are 12 titles that caught my eye.

Jordi Savall, Hesperion XXI and Alia Vox bring out a beautiful box for e…

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Fantastic Fiction Fast-Finder For Teens

by Emily Gale and Holly Harper

If there’s any Christmas gift for teenagers that makes the giver feel wholesome, it’s a book! But what do teens really want to read? Here’s our rapid-fire checklist based on interests, including new titles and older ones you may have missed.

For teens who love The Hunger Games:

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

Three runaways have to survive in a world where unwanted kids are ‘unwound’ for th…

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Our Short & Sweet Summer Playlist

Summer is a great time for music lovers, full of festivals and festivities. Our staff have put together a short playlist of albums perfect for BBQs, parties and roadtrips.

Declan Murphy recommends…

2012 produced a couple of incredible comeback albums and Bill Fay’s Life is People was the first.

After almost 40 years in the wilderness, cult and influential English songwriter Bill Fay deliv…

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Bing Crosby Christmas DVD offer

If you love Christmas carols and Bing Crosby – or know someone who does – then you’re in luck! This December we’re offering a free copy of the A Bing Crosby Christmas with every online purchase.

Featuring footage from Bing Crosby’s annual TV Christmas Specials, with guest appearances from a stellar line-up including David Bowie, Fred Astaire and Carol Burnett.

That’s right, we said David Bo…

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

Whether it’s for your mother, your father, your friend’s mother, your partner’s dad, your elderly grandparents, your recently returned uncle, your highly-strung aunt, an old teacher, or more, whether biological or adopted or extended or in-law, we’ve got plenty of ideas for what to buy the parental figure in your life.

Our online manager Nina Kenwood and our online assistant Bronte Coates recomm…

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Free shipping this Christmas

The Readings website makes it easy to shop online (or check stock availability before heading into one of our six shops around Melbourne).

With Christmas only a few weeks away, now is the time to get your online orders in. Why shop online with Readings this Christmas? Here’s five reasons!

Free shipping anywhere in Australia Free gift wrapping Send a gift straight to a friend or family member w…

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