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Behind the scenes at Christmas

Here’s a behind the scenes glimpse of some of our amazing staff working hard at Readings this December!

As well as posing for a photo, we asked them to tell us which book they are hoping to receive this Christmas.

Austen from our warehouse team is wishing for all levels of geeky awesomeness while our Receiving Manager, Dave, would like to try out some recipes from Borsch, Vodka and Tear

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The 100 Bestselling Books at Readings in 2012

It’s almost the end of the year which means it’s time to look back at the 100 bestselling books at Readings in 2012! This list combines sales from all six Readings shops and our website (but excludes ebooks.) Different editions of titles have been combined to reflect total sales of each title. The list includes all genres. It covers sales from 1 Jan 2012 to 14 December 2012.

The list inc…

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Readings Bargains at Lygon Court

Come along to the Readings Bargains shop in Lygon Court and find some terrific bargains!

It has a great selection of classics, popular fiction, beautiful art books, cookbooks and more, all at excellent prices.

Located in Lygon Court in Carlton, right near the escalator leading upstairs to Nova Cinema, this is a great place to browse while you’re waiting for the film to start or to pick up some …

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The Best Mince Pies in Carlton

Christmas is not just all about giving gifts, it’s also all about eating. Here, we bring you the three best mince pies that can be found near our Carlton store.

1. Bәzela Foodstore, 105 Elgin Street, Carlton

There’s so much to love about these little mince pies – from their gorgeous presentation in a bag with a red, festive ribbon to the cheerful stars on top, they are simply divine. S…

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10 Must-Have Picture Books

by Emily Gale

The children’s specialists from all our stores have been working on a list of picture books everyone should own. Here are 10 of our favourites. They range from 1939 to the present, and from home and abroad.

Mister Magnolia by Quentin Blake (1980)

Mister Magnolia has only one boot… but he has so much more going for him! Including over twenty years of solid sales. Easy rhymes and utterly joyf…

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The Story Of My Book: Philosophy in the Garden

by Damon Young

There are many books about gardens and gardening: ‘how to’ manuals on bonsai, lavish photo essays on Italy, scholarly histories of design. Philosophy in the Garden is something else entirely: the intelligent garden-lover’s detective story—less of a ‘whodunit’, and more of a ‘why do it’.

Why was Jane Austen gazing at lilacs instead of writing Mansfield Park? Why was Friedrich Nietzsche wandering …

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Diego Marani on Translation

by Sam Rutter

You have worked as a translator for the European Union. Just how many languages do you work with?

I still work at the EU, but now I am a policy officer in charge of the Multilingualism Policy for the promotion of language learning. I used to translate from English, French, Dutch and Finnish. Our working languages are English and French and sometimes others, depending on the colleagues we have.

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TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Summer

by Nina Kenwood

Let’s face it – if you go out this summer you’ll probably just end up sunburnt, or hung-over, or both. Now is actually the perfect time of year to hole up inside with the blinds drawn, marathoning episodes of a TV show. Forget your friends, forget your kids, forget the beach, throw away that book you’ve been meaning to read (kidding – don’t do that). You’ve got shows to watch.

If you’re looking …

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Readings Foundation Grant Recipients Announced

The Readings Foundation has announced grants totalling $151,319 to support a range of projects and organisations in 2013.

61 applications for funding were received, which is an increase on the 44 applications received for the last grant round. The Foundation will support projects that specifically target literacy outcomes for children and adults through a variety of educational methods, a…

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Q&A with Matthew Condon, author of The Toe Tag Quintet

by Fiona Hardy

Matthew Condon chats with our crime-nut, Fiona Hardy, about his new novel The Toe Tag Quintet, a sharp, funny crime read.

In Toe Tag Quintet, a Sydney cop moves to the Gold Coast to retire and finds almost instantly that he would have experienced a more relaxing time had he stayed at work. Did you enjoy taking crime out of its typical home in Sydney and Melbourne and into sunny Queensland?

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