J.C. Jones wins the 2016 Readings Children’s Book Prize

The winner of the Readings Children’s Book Prize 2016 is… Run, Pip, Run by J.C. Jones!

Run, Pip, Run is a book for readers nine and up that manages to be both heartfelt and action-packed. Pip is on the run from the authorities after her foster grandpa, Sully, falls ill. Things aren’t easy for a young girl on her own, especially when it feels like everybody is looking for her, but Pip is a smart girl and with the help of a few friends, she’s certain she can find a way to make Sully better again.

Run, Pip, Run is available in all of our Readings shops, or you can purchase it online. You can also buy Run, Pip, Run and the other five shortlisted books in a discounted pack.

The Readings Children’s Book Prize is in its third year, and winners are awarded $4000. The prize aims to recognise debut and on-the-rise Australian authors who we believe have an important contribution to make to the rich variety of Australian publishing. It’s also for books we know kids will love. This year’s prize was judged by Readings children’s book specialists Athina Clarke, Angela Crocombe, Alexa Dretzke, Holly Harper and Isobel Moore, as well as guest judge, author Sally Rippin, who had this to say about Run, Pip, Run:

‘Pip is a spirited character full of heart and courage who readers will fall in love with from the first page. Her story is wild and adventurous yet written in such a way that always feels believable as the author skilfully and compassionately introduces us to a complex and sometimes confronting world many of us will never know.’

You can read our full judges' report here.

Author J.C. Jones spoke on winning the award:

‘To say I am thrilled to be the recipient of the Readings Children’s Book Prize is the understatement of the year! The Readings Prize is about supporting the books that children love to read – and that families enjoy reading together. That’s what makes it particularly special to me. And, of course, emerging writers need every scrap of encouragement they can get! I’m also delighted for my wonderful publisher, Allen & Unwin, who have provided immense encouragement throughout and who share the same passion for children’s books as Readings.’

Read a Q&A with J.C. Jones here.

Congratulations to J.C. Jones and her wonderful book, Run, Pip, Run!

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Run, Pip, Run

Run, Pip, Run

J.C. Jones

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