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March highlights

by Martin Shaw

Well, it behoves me to mention, first of all, the latest work by one of Readings’ own , namely, children’s book buyer Emily Gale, who has penned two books for younger readers: Eliza Boom’s Diary: My Explosive Adventure and Eliza Boom’s Diary: My Fizz-tastic Investigation. Having witnessed firsthand her agony at having to order her own book for the shops, all I can say is that she ordered very con…

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Our 2014 Oscar Predictions

With the Oscars due to be announced on Monday 3 March (Australian time) we’re making our predictions of who will take out this year’s top awards. You can view the full list of nominees here.

Nina Kenwood, Online Manager

Best Picture: 12 Years A Slave
Best Directing: Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón)
Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
Best Actress Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
Best Suppor

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What we’re reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Nina is reading Look At Me by Jennifer Egan

I read A Visit from the Goon Squad back when it was first released, and I was deeply impressed by Egan’s writing.

I wanted to read Look At Me after reading an interview with Egan where she spoke ab…

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Mark’s Say: The city of Melbourne and its booksellers

by Mark Rubbo

Melbourne is one of five UNESCO Cities of Literature, inducted in 2008. One of the pitches to obtain this status was the vibrancy of Melbourne’s bookselling landscape – since that time at least 10 bookshops have closed within the City of Melbourne, with many more closed in the suburbs and regional areas. Six years hence, the State Government and City of Melbourne are about to announce a jointly f…

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The Readings Foundation supports Reading Out of Poverty

The Readings Foundation is supporting Reading Out of Poverty’s pilot project in Geelong through a grant of $15,000.

Reading Out of Poverty is a volunteer based organisation that is working with the community to improve the early-literacy skills of disadvantaged children aged 6 months to 8 years in Victoria.

The ability to read has a direct impact on educational success, employment and depende…

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What we’re reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Kim is reading The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah late last year and absolutely adored it. Coincidentally, I had begun reading it days before Beyoncé released her surprise ‘visu

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Come along to the Children’s Book Festival

by Chris Gordon

The Children’s Book Festival returns to the State Library of Victoria on Sunday 23 March, a festival where authors are celebrities - and rightly so.

It’s a big day, no doubt about it. There are noises, kids, prams, balloons, fairy costumes, various attached ears, and plenty of face-painted princesses, spiders and ogres. There are also over-excited (or at times under-excited) parents, always ove…

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A beginner’s guide to reading graphic novels

by Bronte Coates

If you’re interested in reading a graphic novel but not sure where to start, here are some recommendations depending on what kind of books you usually gravitate towards.

If you like short-story collections:

Lisa Hanawalt’s comics in her debut collection My Dirty Dumb Eyes are bizarre and colourful, and most importantly – very, very funny.

In Heads Or Tails, Lilli Carre gives us a collectio…

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