Winners of the 2021 Environment Award for Children’s Literature

The winners for this year’s Environment Award for Children’s Literature have been announced!

Now in its 27th year, the Wilderness Society continues to help celebrate excellence in children’s nature books. The annual awards highlight the best nature-centric works in the categories of children’s fiction, children’s non-fiction and picture books. Every year the Wilderness Society shortlists the best children’s nature books, before a panel of judges crowns a winner.

Below are the 2021 category winners.



The Power of Positive Pranking by Nat Amoore

Green Peas is our name and pranking’s our game! A symphony of alarm clocks at assembly? Yep, that was us. A stampede of fluffy guinea pigs? It’s next on our agenda. But for me, Cookie and Zeke, it’s about more than just fun. We’re determined to make a difference. And when the adults won’t listen, us kids will find a way to be heard – as long as we can stay out of detention!

_‘The Power of Positive Pranking shows examples of how chaos and anarchy can be used to achieve good. There are lots of different ways to fight for what’s right, no matter what that may be.’ – Dani Solomon, Manager of Readings Kids



The Giant and the Sea by Trent Jamieson & Rovina Cai

A giant stands on the shore, watching the sea. She never moves, never speaks, until the day she turns to a little girl and says, ‘The sea is rising.’ The brave girl takes the message to the town. But when the people refuse to listen, the giant must find another way to save them. Perfect for the children of the Climate Strike, this is a lyrical and deeply moving story about climate change, standing up for what you believe in, and the power of hope.

‘With evocative, moody illustrations by award-winning Melbourne-based illustrator Rovina Cai, this is a powerful story that can be enjoyed by a variety of age levels. It could be used in schools to talk about storytelling or climate crisis, but it can also be enjoyed as a parable in picture book format.’ – Angela Crocombe, Children’s and YA specialist for Readings online



Tree Beings by Raymond Huber & Sandra Severgnini (with foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall)

We depend on trees for our survival, yet few of us understand just how fascinating these beings really are. Tree Beings is an adventure through the secret world of trees. Challenging the perception that trees are just ‘silent statues’, it focuses on four big ideas: Trees give life to the planet. Trees can help save us from climate change. Trees are like beings. Trees need our help and protection. Along the way, you’ll meet some of the scientists and explorers who helped uncover the mysteries of the world’s oldest living things. You’ll encounter the eccentric British professor who travelled the world for seventy years telling people how trees can save us, and you’ll learn about the 9-year-old-boy who has a plan to plant a trillion trees to save the planet!

Tree Beings is your guide to appreciating trees through the stories of people who love them. So strap on your hiking boots, and enjoy this informative adventure through the wonderful world of Tree Beings!

Find out more about the Wilderness Society and the award here.

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