Why we love the My Happy Life series

The sweet My Happy Life series features optimistic Dani encountering real-life challenges around family and friendships. Originally published in Sweden, these irresistible chapter books are not to be missed.

To celebrate the release of All’s Happy that Ends Happy - the seventh and last book in the series - two of our children’s book specialists tell us why the My Happy Life books hold such a special place in their hearts.

“Sadly, for lovers of ‘all things Dani’, All’s Happy that Ends Happy will be the seventh and last book in the My Happy Life series by Lagercrantz and Eriksson. What an eventful ride it has been for all of us who’ve enjoyed the exploits of gorgeous Dani who’s a little powerhouse of emotion. Dani is one of the most wonderful characters I’ve ever encountered. I love her tenacity, her sheer force of will and boundless energy, her irrepressible optimism during challenging times and ultimately her resilience.

In this latest irresistible chapter book, Dani’s recovering from illness but that’s not going to stop her from influencing her dad make an important life decision. There are enormous life changes afoot for Dani and her family: trips to Rome to celebrate a special event, secrets to keep, and, of course, nothing will impede Dani from spending time with her best friend Ella!

Most importantly, we identify with Dani when things don’t go to plan (as they very often don’t) and share her anxieties; but we also revel and delight in her happiness and joy. This is a beautiful little book – sweet and joyful and so much fun. Most importantly it’s insightful and completely from a child’s perspective making it so easy for children everywhere to identify with Dani and make her part of their reading life.

These gorgeous books are funny and moving and full of all the realistic challenges and experiences children face at school with friends and at home with family. They are so authentic in detail that it’s hard to imagine that Dani is not real. Each of these books has been written so it stands alone and the books can be read in any order. And there’s plenty of fun recap that encourages children to read all the other books in the series as well.

I’m ever hopeful that children everywhere will have the pleasure of discovering Dani and making her part of their lives. Long live Dani!” - Athina Clarke

“What an utter delight it has been reading and sharing this series with customers. Dani and Ella are such unique, strong individuals and their friendship, which has had to navigate many ups and downs, is truly one that you imagine will last a lifetime. Whenever customers want books about resilience, diverse families or friendship, I think of this series. I have loved following these characters, learning about their families and watching them navigate challenges in life and friendship. This series deserves a place on the shelf of every early reader.” - Angela Crocombe

All's Happy That Ends Happy

All’s Happy That Ends Happy

Rose Lagercrantz, Eva Eriksson

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