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Chris is reading Walking on Trampolines

A friend of mine recommended this book because the author is a savvy reporter from our northern state - Queensland.

Frances Whiting’s Walking on Trampolines is a sweet serenade to love lost and found. This book is not going to change the world, or even suggest you ponder world affairs. However everyone, I reckon, needs a chance to escape their world. This novel is for those moments. I read it over our glorious sunny weekend, wine in hand, outside.

Easy, entertaining and a much needed holiday.


Bronte is reading Amazing Babes

Please, please, disregard the dreadful sounding title and have a look at this gorgeous, cloth-bound picture book full of inspirational women - from around the world and across generations. (Visit our Tumblr for some shots of the inside pages.)

Amazing Babes might by my favourite picture book to come out this year, full of beautiful, vibrant illustrations and featuring a host of fascinating females whose stories I want to know more about - and then talk more about. This is a book to be read more than once (at least one of those times with Wikipedia handy) and that, fingers crosses, will start conversations with all kinds of ages and people. A brilliant antidote to princesses and fairies!


Nina is reading The Innocents

Set in London, The Innocents is a supremely enjoyable debut novel about couple, Adam and Rachel, who are planning their marriage. Despite (or in some ways because of) the fact he’s been with Rachel for twelve years, Adam is starting to have doubts about his relationship and he’s developed inconvenient feelings for his fiancée’s cousin.

The novel follows the lead-up to the wedding and the various dramas surrounding Adam, Rachel and their families. Both Adam and Rachel are Jewish, and the story provides a fascinating glimpse into their tight-knit community.

I’m halfway through and so far, I’d definitely recommend it. A smart, entertaining family drama which won the Costa First Book Award last year.

The Innocents

The Innocents

Francesca Segal

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