We love this Australian fiction debut

Every now and then we get our hands on a book that gets everyone at Readings talking. And this month, that book is Lucky’s, a breakout debut novel from Sydney writer Andrew Pippos. Read on for our booksellers' testimonials about why you should be reading – and talking about – this novel too.

“Funny, relevant, tragic and engaging are all words which spring to mind when I think about this delight of a book. It is a migrant story, a story of love and loss, a story of hope, redemption, and family. Andrew Pippos has written a novel of many parts, and by doing so has ensured there is something here we can all relate to.” – Kate McIntosh, shop manager at Readings Doncaster

Lucky’s is the kind of confident, big-thinking, character-driven, multi-storyline family saga that I love, and comes to us fully-formed from a first-time author. It is one of the most impressive and appealing Australian debuts novels of 2020 (or, frankly, any year, and you can scratch the adjective ‘debut’ from that description too), written by Sydney author Andrew Pippos, who tells a story close to his heart and experience that is full of charm and imagination. A standout novel of this difficult year, and one that you’ll be eager to thrust into the hands of all your friends – to remind them of how much fun reading a great book really is, and how the answer to pretty much every problem is always: love.” – Alison Huber, head book buyer

Lucky’s is a novel that you will be sad to leave behind after the final chapter ends. A tale of migration, relationships, diners, shady impersonations and of course, luck, this is an accomplished debut novel and an example of the very best of Australian literary writing.” – Ellen Cregan, marketing coordinator

“What a pleasant surprise this book was, I loved it! All the characters are so well drawn, in particular Lucky himself. Andrew Pippos is an exciting new voice in Australia’s literary landscape.” – Danielle Mirabella, buyer at Readings Hawthorn

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