The best new cookbooks in November


Special Guest by Annabel Crabb & Wendy Sharpe

If, as I do, you love a good, solid cookbook with a sense of humour and exuberance, then Special Guest is the pick of this month’s cookbook bunch. Annabel Crabb and Wendy Sharpe share recipes perfect for the home cook who is juggling an enormous range of activities but still wants to share a home-cooked meal that caters to all needs. Each dish comes from the heart and is practical and delicious!


The Nordic Baking Book by Magnus Nilsson

World-acclaimed chef Magnus Nilsson explores the rich baking tradition of the Nordic region with 450 tempting recipes for home bakers. Nordic culture is renowned for its love of baking and baked goods; after all the oven is another much-needed heat source! This book takes you on a journey across Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. It’s suitable for all those who have cold hands and a warm heart, and of course for those who love to bake.


Jamie’s Friday Night Feast by Jamie Oliver (available 15 November)

Did you know that Jamie Oliver has sold more than 40 million books and is the UK’s bestselling nonfiction author? This type of success is only possible because his recipes, his attitude and his philanthropic actions are all incredibly good. His latest book contains the greatest dishes from his TV series Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. It’s the type of food that you may prepare for your kids eighteenth birthday, for a games night with friends, or, simply, for a night in with your nearest and dearest. Every recipe is suitable for cooks at any level, and, without a doubt, this collection is another winner.


Cellar Bar by Guy Grossi

Guy Grossi says that the aim of food is not to just leave you feeling full, but it’s also to have you feeling fulfilled. The Cellar Bar, a Melbourne institution since the 1950s, has always been synonymous with Italian dining. In his latest cookbook, Grossi shares eighty of his favourites dishes that have made the Cellar Bar a place to be fulfilled with glorious, simple Italian food. And the best part? He starts the book with desserts! Each dish is beautifully photographed and the recipes are so easy that anyone could use them, whatever their level of comfort with cooking.


Fervor by Paul Iskov, Robert Wood & Chris Gurney (available 1 December)

Paul Iskov came up with a truly inspired idea. He harnesses locally sourced native produce, cooks it and shares it with diners at unique locations across WA, including salt lakes and pristine beaches. Here is a more tangible product of his concept. With a focus on local and indigenous ingredients, he has recorded the finest recipes from his roving dining experience with stories by Robert Wood and photographs by Chris Gurney. The combination is stunning.


SUQAR Greg Malouf & Lucy Malouf

This is the sweetest of the cookbooks this season. Greg and Lucy Malouf have finally dedicated an entire cookbook to 100 wonderful dessert treats inspired by Middle Eastern flavours. The collection ranges from puddings and pastries to ice creams, cakes, confectionary, fruity desserts and drinks. These dishes are not difficult to prepare and have been created with Australian kitchens in mind, but retain the integrity of the original recipe.


Fruit by Bernadette Worndl

Taking a harvest view of fruit, this book packs a punch by illustrating how wonderfully versatile fruit can be in cooking. Bernadette Wordl shows us how to use peach, pear and plum in both sweet and savoury dishes, and how to ensure quinces, apples and dried fruit give a lift to the simplest of dishes. Think beyond the normal pairing of chicken and lemon, or pork and apple, to a whole new rainbow of flavours.


Super Natural by Tobie Puttock

Don’t think of this as a vegan cookbook, but rather as a book that will give you 100 fresh and completely delicious recipes for all the meals and for all the occasions in your life. There is no lecture on being a part of the wellness revolution or about saving the planet one vegan meal at a time – instead, you will be doing all this, freshly and deliciously, and you won’t even notice.

The Nordic Baking Book

The Nordic Baking Book

Magnus Nilsson, Josefin Skullbacka

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