The Best Mince Pies in Carlton

Christmas is not just all about giving gifts, it’s also all about eating. Here, we bring you the three best mince pies that can be found near our Carlton store.

1. Bәzela Foodstore, 105 Elgin Street, Carlton


There’s so much to love about these little mince pies – from their gorgeous presentation in a bag with a red, festive ribbon to the cheerful stars on top, they are simply divine. Smaller than your average mince pies, we would call these ‘bite-size’ and it’s lucky they come in a bag of six, because you’ll find yourself wanting more than one. While the filling is delicious, the real standout here is the pastry – rich, buttery and biscuit-y. This is definitely a mince pie for the pastry-lover.

2. Baker D Chirico, 178 Faraday Street, Carlton


While the word ‘moist’ may be distasteful to some, it can be used here in the best possible way. The rich fruity mixture of these particular mince pies is scrumptiously moist with a distinctive citrus buzz. The texture of the pastry is perfect – crispy yet still soft and delicate. They are large, generous mince pies and getting to visit the beautiful Baker D Chirico store to purchase them is an added bonus.

3. Café Lua, 169 Elgin Street, Carlton


A lovely, sweet crust and a lively, fruity centre – these are classically good mince pies. They have some big, juicy sultanas tucked inside their filling and a sugary pastry. The festive touch of a star on top is always appreciated and for a decadent afternoon tea, order yourself a Chai for some hot, cinnamony goodness.