The best food & gardening books of the month


Australia: The Cookbook by Ross Dobson & Alan Benson

You may already have a Ross Dobson book on your shelves. He is after all a highly acclaimed chef who has written many cookbooks before. But this one, well, this is his masterpiece. With over 350 recipes from all over the world, this enormous tome recognises all our foodie influences. And because it’s Dobson writing, there are also special treats to make using our own flora and fauna. Purchase this one-stop shop of a collection if you love history mixing up your dishes.


From Our Kitchen to Yours by the Country Women’s Association of Victoria

We all know it truly does not matter how many cookbooks you have in your collection, because like your clothes there are favourites. For me, anything by the Country Women’s Association gets a special tick; their recipes are like pulling on your comfy trackie pants and relaxing. The recipes gathered here come from the wonderful cooks of the Country Women’s Association of Victoria, tested through countless fundraising tables and events. Whether you’re after a hearty soup, an orange poppyseed cake or some preserves, these 185 recipes just work.


In Good Company by Sophie Hansen

Every now and then I dream of the lifestyle that Sophie Hansen has created. She lives in the country and creates beautiful cookbooks that are brimming with emotional intelligence, kindness and truly delicious feasts. In her second book she shows you how to entertain again – how to throw a casual meal together whether it be a picnic, a family gathering or simply Tuesday night dinner. My advice is to light that candle and follow Hansen’s sensible advice on how to live a very good life.


Ombra: Recipes from the Salumi Bar by Carlo Grossi

We know Carlo Grossi understands simple Italian food because we know his father, Guy. We know that the Italians create feasts from small goods, cheeses and baked goods. We know Melbourne is renowned for its bar life. These are the three facts I want you to consider when admiring the mouth- watering beauty of Grossi’s cookbook Ombra. There are family secrets and instructions in this wonderful collection of recipes that will have you stretching for that Campari as you decide which delicious dish to serve. I favour the pizza, of course.


One Year Vegan by Seher Istar

Seher Istar decided to be vegan for just one year. No big deal, she would take the challenge and see if her health and happiness improved. It did and she wanted to share her good fortune. I am so pleased she did because the recipes in her book are a treat for us all. Included are Istar’s favourite dips, soups, salads and cakes. I love this book because without the title, I wouldn’t have even noticed it was all fruit- and vegetable-based. It has that kind of magic.


Super Natural Simple by Heidi Swanson

We already acknowledge that we need to eat with mindfulness. We already know we are pushed for time, for energy and for ideas. Well, allow bestselling author and blogger Heidi Swanson to give you a helping hand. This cookbook makes everything seem very easy, relaxed and delicious. This is the type of book you use on weeknights, when you are half mad from hunger and exhaustion and you need a little spark.


The Lost Art of Baking with Yeast: Delicious Hungarian Cakes and Pastries by Baba Schwartz

My bloke is Hungarian and often yearns for the dishes his Nagayama made for him as a child. I’ve tried but not been successful at recreating his yeasty childhood memories. In this book, Baba Schwartz takes me by the hand and introduces the principles of yeast baking with very handy hints for kneading and proving dough to perfection. These recipes, with their distinctive Hungarian flavour, will delight your family and friends as it did my poor long-suffering partner. In my home, it seems, any night is now good for golden dumpling cake.


World Travel: An Irreverent Guide by Anthony Bourdain & Laurie Woolever

This book is a celebration of the life and legacy of one of the most important food writers of all time. Anthony Bourdain saw more of the world than nearly anyone. His journeys took him from his hometown of New York to every corner of the globe, and allowed him to offer essential advice on what to eat and where. Alongside Bourdain’s words are essays by friends, colleagues, and family that share even deeper stories about the man. This is an ode to a much-loved, much-missed ambassador for living an adventurous life. It’ll make you cry, it’ll make you laugh and it will remind you how good food is all about who you are with and why.

Ombra: Recipes from the Salumi Bar

Ombra: Recipes from the Salumi Bar

Carlo Grossi

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