Teens recommend Astrid Scholte’s new fantasy novel

While meeting for the Readings Teen Advisory Board are currently on hiatus, our bookish teen advisors are still making time to catch up on the latest releases.

This month they’ve been diving into Australian author Astrid Scholte’s second novel. Scholte’s first book, Four Dead Queens, was a pleasing blend of fantasy and murder mystery, and The Vanishing Deep is equally unique. When seventeen-year-old Tempest’s older sister Elysea mysteriously drowns, Tempest seeks out the services at Palindromena, a high-end scientific facility that allows rich patrons to revive the dead for 24 hours to say their last goodbyes.

Tempest’s actions kick off a dangerous adventure that uncovers secrets, and even brings a little romance. Our reviewer described The Vanishing Deep as ‘an intoxicating thriller set in an unusual world that raises interesting ideas about loyalty, family and fate.’

Read on to see what the teens think…

‘I found that the intricately constructed world and exciting plot hooked my imagination in. I also loved the diversity of the characters and the fact that it showed that eventually, death is final and can’t be stopped, only cheated. It was a gripping and enjoyable read.’ – Ananayya

‘A gripping tale with no short amounts of plot twists to keep the reader hooked - you’re in for a wildly addicting read ahead.’ – Carolyn

‘Provoking much discussion around the concepts of death, family resentment and guilt, The Vanishing Deep submerges us into a whirlpool of a tale carried by a riveting plot with a splash of romance.’ – Claire

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The Vanishing Deep

The Vanishing Deep

Astrid Scholte, Hilary Jacobsen, Kim Ryan

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