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Ceridwen Dovey interviews Ellen van Neerven

by Ceridwen Dovey

It’s a really interesting thing, isn’t it? To write a book and feel so different about it all the time, and not know some of the answers to the questions,’ 23-year-old debut author Ellen van Neerven confides early in our conversation. She is shy but candid over the phone, often surprising me by asking to hear my own thoughts in return, which makes it as much a pleasure to speak to van Neerven abo…

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Q&A with Simon Rickard

by Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon interviews Simon Rickard about his gorgeous new gardening book.

Simon, firstly a huge congratulations from one novice gardener to you, an experienced gardener for your beautiful and accessible book on veggies. Have growing veggies always been a passion for you? Why?

One of my earliest memories is of my father coming home from work and carrying me around his veggie garden, giving …

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Clementine Ford interviews Miriam Sved

by Clementine Ford

The best kind of storytellers are the ones so adept at their craft that they can hypnotise even those readers bitterly opposed to the subject matter. So it is with Miriam Sved, whose debut novel, Game Day, addresses the complex, often insidious and interweaving relationships formed between the members of an Australian Football League club.

The book is being sold as the journey taken by two youn…

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Q&A with Sophie Cunningham

by Belle Place

Belle Place interviews Sophie Cunningham about her new work of non-fiction.

This year marks 40 years since Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin on Christmas Eve – what is your motivation for wanting to write this book now?

I have always been fascinated by Cyclone Tracy – it had a big impact on me as a child. But, as I write in the book, my biggest motivation was the fact that the human race is transformi…

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Q&A with Omar Musa

Chris Gordon talks with Omar Musa about his revelatory and incendiary debut novel.

Your parents are both writers – your mum is a journalist and your dad is poet – and now you’ve made words your tools as well. What is your earliest memory of the power of language?

Always hard to say. Was it when I went to plays with my mum (she was a theatre reviewer) as a kid and was amazed at how a person co…

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Q&A with Ianto Ware

by Lisa Dempster

Lisa Dempster talks with Ianto Ware about his new book, part love letter to cycling and part history of the Tour de France.

What inspired you to write about the Tour de France?

I was a chronic insomniac when I was a student, which is how I got into the Tour. I used to stay up late at night writing and watching cycling and the two sort of merged.

Then, after I finished my PhD, I started work…

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Q&A with Mary Delahunty

Bronte Coates talks with journalist Mary Delahunty about her inside account of Julia Gillard’s tenure as Prime Minister.

Gravity draws from your time following former Prime Minister Julia Gillard through the last year of her term. When did you realise this experience would become a book?

When I bumped into the PM on Mugga Way in Canberra. Where else in the world can you just stroll along a bu…

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Emily Maguire interviews Eli Glasman

by Emily Maguire

Eli Glasman admits he felt ‘a little scared’ about how Melbourne’s Orthodox Jewish community would respond to his first novel, The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew, given it is narrated by a 17-year-old Orthodox rabbi’s son trying to reconcile his sexuality with his faith.

Yossi is, as his friend Menachem says, ‘proper religious’. He begins his day with a ritual hand-washing, always wears…

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Q&A with Anna George

by Jason Austin

Jason Austin talks with Anna George about her new novel, What Came Before.

What Came Before begins with David’s confession that he’s killed his wife Elle. As the story progresses, we learn not only what came before that event, but what came before the couple met and how their once passionate relationship fell apart. David, in particular is a very charming, yet very troubled character. Was it h…

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Q&A with Michaela McGuire

by Belle Place

Belle Place talks with Michaela McGuire about her new work of true crime.

Your book hinges on the case of Anthony Dunning, the 40-year-old man who was pinned to the floor of Crown casino by security staff and who later died. Was it important to your book to establish a sense of who Dunning was?

It was important for me to establish a sense of who everyone involved was – Anthony Dunning; his tw…

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