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Fiona Hardy on Crime Book Covers

by Fiona Hardy

Crime-lover and blogger Fiona Hardy considers the book design tropes of crime fiction titles, and whether there are benefits to having oft-repeated motifs.

Let’s play a game. We’ll call it Crime Cover Bingo. If you have a crime book on your shelves that has one of the following on the cover: snow, trees, people in shadow, long empty roads, a fence, or a building at night, then shout BINGO — ev…

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An Extract from Rock Country edited by Chris Ryan

by Helen Carter

Rock Country is romp through the story of Australian rock and pop told by those that lived it, performed it, and adored it. Here’s we share one of the essays from the book - Helen Carter’s ‘Bon Scott: A Smell Like Pheromones’.

It was a dark and potentially stormy night as I waited at the bus stop on the palm-treed traffic island at the corner of Denham and Fletcher streets in South Bondi – dar…

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Recommendations by Young Adult Authors

by Emily Gale

Which young adult books do your favourite Australian YA authors love?

‘This year I read Nick Lake’s In Darkness, which won the Michael L. Printz Award (for Excellence in Young Adult Literature). It’s an intense, in-your-face book about Haiti, told through the mind of a boy trapped in the rubble of a hospital levelled by the recent earthquake and visited by the spirit of a rebel leader. Nick La…

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The Story of My Books

by Cassy Liberman

I grew up in a world of books and stories. I can still picture myself as a young girl, snuggled up in bed at night devouring my books, knowing I had to go to sleep but so captivated that I couldn’t put my book down and turn off the light. Just one more page! Okay, maybe just one more!

Nothing has changed.

As I grew and my tastes changed, I found myself constantly drawn to biographies of strong,…

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Home with Beci Orpin

by Ingrid Josephine

Recently, Readings Visual Merchandising talent Miranda La Fleur and I had the pleasure to actually, literally, be at home with Beci Orpin for a wonderful crafternoon to celebrate her new book, Home: 25 Amazing Projects for Your Home.

Hardie Grant organised a special hands-on workshop with Beci for a few booksellers and retail shops. As we gathered, gossiped and crafted around the kitchen table w…

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November Highlights

by Martin Shaw

Goodness, the year is all of a sudden drawing to a close! This means, of course, a plethora of great new books destined for your summer break and Yuletide gift-giving; not to mention immediate consumption.

But before getting to those, let’s reflect on those books that have appeared in the last year though perhaps didn’t get quite the exposure they deserved.

In these times of fickle media covera…

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An Extract from Once Upon a Time in Oz by Cate Kennedy

In Once Upon a Time in Oz, Griffith REVIEW holds up an enchanted mirror to explore the role of fairy and folk tales across cultures in this country, and create new ones.

Here we share Cate Kennedy’s short story - ‘A glimpse of paradise’.

I WAS HEAD over heels about Steven, and that’s the truth. And having such a spectacular house didn’t hurt either, so far removed from my one-bedroom apartmen…

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