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Benjamin Law and Michelle Law on Sh*t Asian Mothers Say

by Benjamin Law and Michelle Law

Siblings Benjamin Law and Michelle Law discuss putting together their new book, Sh*t Asian Mothers Say

BENJAMIN: So when was the first time you realised our Asian mother was different to other mothers? Shall we start with the clothes?

MICHELLE: We should point out, Mum’s fashion phases have changed over time.

B: That’s true. There was a period in the mid-90s where we all – including Mum – jo…

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Bully for Them: Outstanding Australians on Hard Lessons Learned at School

In Bully for Them, twenty-two Australians share their own experiences of being bullied, revealing that not only did they survive the ordeal but also, that their experiences helped shape them into the remarkable individuals they are today. Today is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence and we’re sharing a piece from the book by musician Missy Higgins.

Sensitive, shy, and ski

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20 Australian books to read in your 20s

Here are 20 Australian books to read in your 20s, everything from classic novels to sexy memoirs, from stories of share house misadventures to the IRL adventures of our most famous outlaw.

Our list isn’t definitive – we strongly encourage you to read many more books than just the ones listed here – but these are stories and characters that resonate with this particular time of life. Increasingly…

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Women we’re reading in 2014

To celebrate International Women’s Day this Saturday 8 March, our staff share the books by women we’ve been reading in 2014. (This year also happens to be the Year of Reading Women!) Annie Condon, Bookseller and Book Club Convenor

One of the most emotionally powerful books I’ve read recently is The Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala. ‘The Wave’ refers to the tsunami of 2004 in which Sonali lost h…

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March highlights

by Martin Shaw

Well, it behoves me to mention, first of all, the latest work by one of Readings’ own , namely, children’s book buyer Emily Gale, who has penned two books for younger readers: Eliza Boom’s Diary: My Explosive Adventure and Eliza Boom’s Diary: My Fizz-tastic Investigation. Having witnessed firsthand her agony at having to order her own book for the shops, all I can say is that she ordered very con…

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