Support Indigenous Literacy Day 2020

Today is Indigenous Literacy Day!

Indigenous Literacy Day is organised by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), who do great work fostering a love of reading and books with First Nations children in remote communities around Australia.

As this ongoing health crisis continues to up-end the everyday lives of people around the country, the foundation is working harder than ever to provide community-focused programs and resources that help children build their literacy skills, prepare for school and start on the path to a rich and proud future.

This year, the ILF, ambassador Jessica Mauboy, and long-time supporter Archie Roach, are inviting all Australians to live stream a special, 45-minute Indigenous Literacy Day event from the foundation’s YouTube page at 12:30pm (AEST), Wednesday 2 September.

As part of the event, children and community members from Tiwi Islands and Jilkminggan in the Northern Territory and Bidyadanga in Western Australia will share their stories, alongside ILF ambassadors Andy Griffiths, Shelley Ware, Alison Lester, Josh Pyke, Natalie Ahmat, Jared Thomas and Anita Heiss. You can watch the event here.

As a charity of the book industry, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation is close to Readings’ heart. In June, Readings donated $20,000 to the foundation, and in July, our Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia matched donation campaign with publisher Black Inc. raised another $424 from us.

We encourage others to help continue this important work being done by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation by donating directly here. Your support will make all the difference.

You might like to purchase a book by a First Nations author on this important day. Find some of our recent recommendations here.

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Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia

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