Recent picture books about dogs

We are utterly spoilt for choice with dog books at the moment! And there’s nothing more enjoyable than a picture book about a cute canine to get young people excited. These delightful recent picture books all feature fearless and fun woofers, which will have the kids squealing with delight!


Ella Farmoodle by Jill Noble

If you live in the city you might see oodles of poodles, Labradoodles, Spoodles, Cavoodles, Groodles… all kinds of Poodles. If you go for a trip to the countryside, you might be lucky enough to meet Ella Farmoodle… a very smart poodle, with her very own farm!

Ella Farmoodle is in charge of the farm animals, and it’s up to her to make sure everyone is fed and kept safe. It’s a lot of responsibility for a pup, but Ella is more than up for the job in this joyous celebration of life on the farm. Suitable for ages 3+


Where Are You, Magoo? by Briony Stewart

A delightful story about everyone’s favourite dogoo, Magoo. With a ton of instant appeal and perfect energy for the pre-school age group, this delightful book has kid-friendly rounded corners and is a joyous rhyming romp of a book for very young children.

A companion book to the acclaimed We Love You, Magoo, this story has an interactive seek-and-find element and children will love seeing where Magoo has gone and what he has been up to. Suitable for ages 2+


Home Alone by Barbara Nascimbeni

When Frido the dog is left at home by himself, he feigns loneliness just long enough to get his owner out the door - and then the fun begins. After scootering down the hallway and somersaulting on the bed, Frido embarks on a strict agenda of all his favourite things: dressing up, chatting online, yoga, and disco-dancing with friends. But the day goes by too quickly! Can he cover his tracks in time?

With 48 pages and full colour illustrations, this longer picture book is perfect for ages 3+


All Dogs Bark by Catherine Meatheringham & Deb Hudson

All around the world dogs bark.

Jappe, Gav, Woof. Travel the world and join in this noisy celebration of the different barks that dogs make around the world. This simple picture book is great for ages 2+

‘All Dogs Bark is a joyous and raucous look at the dogs of the world.’ - Thuy On, Books + Publishing


Flea Seeks Dog by Will Mabbitt & Nathan Reed

Flea’s got itchy feet! It’s time to find a new dog to call home. But, try as he might, none of the dogs he meets are quite right. From the too loud and too cheeky to the too-frequently-leaky, Flea soon realises that finding the perfect companion can be tricky. Will Flea ever find the perfect match? Suitable for ages 3+

A hilarious rhyming romp from the creator of I Can Only Draw Worms, brilliantly illustrated by Nathan Reed.

Ella Farmoodle

Ella Farmoodle

Jill Noble

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