Readings Foundation Update: Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

This week we’re featuring updates from the community organisations and projects that the Readings Foundation supported in 2009.

Today we’re hearing from Tony Cree, CEO of the The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation, which received a $10,000 grant from the foundation.

The weekly literacy tutoring program in Swan Hill funded by The Readings Foundation is well underway for 2010 and remains a key aspect of our day-to-day work. We have seen encouraging results from all of the students who participated with many achieving national benchmarks in literacy. The impact of this project is having a significant effect on the future of the students who participated and their long-term engagement in education and learning.

With The Readings Foundation’s support over the past 12 months, we were able to recruit and train 5 volunteer tutors to work with 48 indigenous students. Our volunteers were trained in the key skills and principles of literacy learning for primary age children. Funding also provided targeted, weekly tutoring, literacy materials and regular formal assessment and evaluation of students.

The weekly tutoring has helped me gain confidence in my reading and writing. I don’t feel silly any more – Steven, student aged 12, from Swan Hill.

The project has received tremendous support and encouragement from the local community. Many people such as teachers and indigenous leaders commented on the success of the project in improving student’s attitude to education, sport and community activities.

Dear ALF, We have seen marked improvement from Ashley over the last 6 months in literacy skills as the direct result of the weekly tutoring. Thank you for your wonderful dedication. - Year 4 School Teacher.

Thank you for the brilliant impact on Daniel’s reading and writing skills. – Kim Barton, parent.

Our volunteers involved in this project have all remarked on how satisfying the project was and are enthusiastic about continuing this important learning and teaching partnership with the ALF and a new group of students in the future.

We believe that the tutoring support provided by our volunteers will make a lifelong impact on the lives of all participants. We will be very interested to see how these students progress in the future.