Q&A with Liza Klaussmann, author of Tigers In Red Weather

Liza Klaussmann tells us some books that she loves.


What’s the last book you loved, and why?

Dare Me by Megan Abbott: sinister, funny and sharp as hell.

Which literary character do you secretly wish you were?

Lady Brett Ashley, from The Sun Also Rises. What a woman.

What was your big rite-of-passage book as a teenager?

The Collected Works of Anne Sexton. Confessional poetry dovetails nicely with the drama and self-absorption of adolescence.

What was the best (or worst) part of the publishing process?

Watching a stranger in a bookstore buy my novel.

What’s a question you’d prefer never to be asked again in interviews?

‘Why historical novels?’ I mean, why not? Is the present day so very compelling as all that?

Tigers in Red Weather is out now in paperback ($27.99) and ebook ($14.99).

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