Our children’s & YA top 10 bestsellers of the week

  1. Pig the Monster by Aaron Blabey

  2. They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

  3. Welcome to Consent by Yumi Stynes & Dr. Melissa Kang

  4. One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

  5. The Boy Who Stepped Through Time by Anna Ciddor

  6. Across the Sea (Wolf Girl, Book 5) by Anh Do

  7. The Story of Australia by Don Watson

  8. The End of the World Is Bigger than Love by Davina Bell

  9. Maybe by Kobi Yamada & Gabriella Barouch

  10. The Book of Australian Trees by Inga Simpson & Alicia Rogerson

It’s not even remotely Halloween, but we must be feeling pretty spooky (and in need of a laugh), because Aaron Blabey’s beloved pug, Pig, is at the top of our charts this week! Adam Silvera’s 2017 YA novel, They Both Die at the End, continues to ride a steady wave of TikTok/Booktok recommendations, and our top three is rounded out with Yumi Stynes and Dr. Melissa Kang’s essential guide to consent respectful relationships, Welcome to Consent.

New entries this week include the latest book in Anh Do’s much-loved Wolf Girl series, and Don Watson’s fascinating and comprehensive illustrated history of Australia. Other other kids and YA bestsellers include: Casey McQuiston’s time-travelling queer romance, a Roman-era time-slip adventure, a magical Readings YA Prize shortlisted novel, and a beautiful illustrated guide to Australian trees.

Pig the Monster

Pig the Monster

Aaron Blabey

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