On events, with Chris Gordon

Anyone who has watched me on Zoom over the last two years will know that I often ask you to imagine the perfect literary event. It goes like this: first, your outing to a Readings shop is easy; the tram is on time, or you find a carpark within striking distance of our shop. From there you saunter to a nearby café where you meet with friends and enjoy a refreshing beverage, before walking through the glass doors into Readings. Once inside, you pause, marvelling at the wonderful array of books and you realise then that you are surrounded by groups of people who, like you, are also there to seek opinions, stories, and ideas.

You settle in for the Readings literary event and you find yourself looking around. We curate the bookcases for these moments. You might find yourself drawn to the poetry section, or the newly released nonfiction section. (Oh, are you already delightfully distracted?) The event begins. The authors are introduced and reveal to you how and why they write. Such kindness from these creators; you recognise that this moment, this experience, is a once-in-a-lifetime instance. This will not be repeated, and you are there.

I will not be surprised to see you at the new Readings Emporium (Thursday 7 April at 6pm) when we welcome the co-author of the bestselling Saga Land, Kári Gíslason, to talk about his latest novel The Sorrow Stone. This is an epic and compelling novel that reimagines the fate of one of Iceland’s famous women of history. Join us also to hear critically acclaimed singer–songwriter Lo Carmen share her remarkable story and reflect on the women who have influenced her life and career: bold creative visionaries, trailblazers, provocateurs and activists such as Renée Geyer, Chrissy Amphlett, Robyn Archer and Sallie-Anne Huckstep. Her book, Lovers Dreamers Fighters, is a joyous ode to passion, creativity and music. We are thrilled to have Lo with us at Readings Emporium (Friday 8 April at 6pm) – she has even promised to play a couple of tunes. This is an event not to be missed.

And so here we are, together leaning forward, taking delight and solace once again in the generosity of authors (which, by the by, is my own personal collective noun for writers). Do check our full events calendar and you too will find yourself experiencing something truly unique.

Chris Gordon is the programming and events manager for Readings.

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Lovers Dreamers Fighters

Lo Carmen

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