On Events, with Chris Gordon

The other day I had my first COVID-19 immunisation jab. It was such a joy to be part of a collective initiative that contributes to everyone’s health. I interviewed an author online 12 hours later, despite feeling like I had been run over by a giant truck. ‘I am so sorry’, I said to the wonderful Jon Klassen, ‘I’m a little under the weather.’ ‘Oh’, he said from his Los Angeles studio, ‘me too. I just had the Covid jab and feel terrible.’ There we were, two people, opposite ends of the earth, united. We need to stay unified, don’t we?

With that in mind, Readings is delighted to invite you to continue joining us at our events. It’s an easy means of connection. You will notice that we have rearranged our program so that most events are free to attend, and many are on online. We hope each one brings you a little closer to a new way of thinking and being. For example, I am delighted to have Irish award winning Anne Enright in conversation (via Zoom) talking about her formidable body of work and latest novel, Actress. This is a brilliant and moving novel about fame, sexual power, and a daughter’s search to understand her mother’s hidden truths. Book here.

If you wanted more information about keeping healthy, do join us (Wednesday 7 July) to hear (live and in-person) Dr Norman Swan, the trusted voice of Australian health for more than 30 years (and such a pleasant voice it is to listen to as well). Swan will discuss his new book So You Think You Know What’s Good for You?, which answers common health questions and unveils popular myths. When the news on COVID-19 unfolded, Dr Swan stepped up to cover the key issues with clear, evidence-based information across multiple programs and platforms, including co-hosting the award-winning daily Coronacast podcast. Book here.

Talking of podcasts, many of our online events are recorded and if you missed them the first time around, simply head to our website to find some excellent conversations waiting for you.

I can only hope that the Readings events program feels like it belongs to you. Because it does. You can browse our full schedule of events here.

Chris Gordon is the programming and events manager for Readings.

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