Four new cookbooks for the home cook

Our food and gardening columnist Chris Gordon recommends four new cookbooks this month that will transport you from India to Tokyo.


The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant

Professor Pushpesh Pant’s first book, India: The Cookbook was a comprehensive guide to Indian cooking, with over 1,000 recipes covering every aspect of India’s rich and colourful culinary heritage. In this gorgeous book you can expect the same expertise and diligence, but here the choices are not so overwhelming. Pant has simplified this hugely popular cuisine, with 150 easily achievable, nourishing, and authentic vegetarian dishes. This book is perfect for anyone who wants a little spice in their lives.


Tokyo Local by Caryn Liew & Brendan Liew

You may have visited that wonderful pop-up shop/café called Chotto on Smith Street, before Caryn and Brendan Liew decided to concentrate on their cuisine-research travels to Japan. The result of the last few years is a treat for us all. Tokyo Local brings you seventy wonderful and accessible recipes of dishes that define the city. This book is for those who are desperate to visit Tokyo, have visited Tokyo and want to go back, and for those of us dreaming of living in Tokyo.


Hummus Where the Heart Is by Dunja Gulin

Dunja Gulin is the author of many cookbooks, as well as a personal chef on yoga retreats around Europe. Can you imagine how glorious her lifestyle must be? Hummus Where the Heart Is gives us a tiny taste of it. Hummus, as we know, has become an essential item for any modern home cook, whether served as a dip, spread or sauce. This book will provide you with inside knowledge on making the most perfect hummus ever and also a variety of other options to enjoy, including hummus brownies, which are actually delicious.


Eating Well Everyday by Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon is considered one of the great godfathers of fusion food – a heady mix of flavours in one brilliant mouthful. This is the type of book that is perfect for an adventurous home cook who wants to wow family and friends with a little edge. There are recipes like chorizo on tomato-rubbed toast with soft-boiled egg, or orange and cardamom with poached cod and, of course, there are sweet things from this renowned doughnut creator as well.

Hummus Where the Heart Is: Moreish Recipes for Nutritious and Tasty Dips

Hummus Where the Heart Is: Moreish Recipes for Nutritious and Tasty Dips

Dunja Gulin

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