Five reasons we love Samurai vs Ninja by Nick Falk and Tony Flowers

Samurai vs Ninja: The Battle for the Golden Egg is one of the six books shortlisted for this year’s Readings Children’s Book Prize. Here are five reasons why we think it’s brilliant.

1. It’ll get the most reluctant readers reading.

Samurai? Check. Ninja? Check. An epic battle pitting one side against the other involving cunning, treachery and hilarity? Check, check, check. This is a funny, energetic read that will have even the most reluctant reader begging for the next chapter.

2. You’ll learn something.

Often fictional depictions of samurai and ninja rely on tropes we’ve seen a million times and have very little information to offer a reader. That’s not the case here – author Nick Falk has packed this tale full of historical knowledge on Edo-period Japan so that young readers can learn new concepts and even a few kanji characters.

3. The artwork and the story work flawlessly together.

Illustrator Tony Flowers has worked closely with author Nick Falk to bring this story to life through his hilarious and action-packed illustrations that help the reader to engage with the text in a playful manner.

4. Short, sharp chapters build reading confidence.

This is the perfect book for young readers who are looking to graduate from picture books to chapter books. The brief chapters and playful language will help beginner readers to race through this book and eagerly pick up the next in the series.

5. Brain beats brawn.

In a sword fight between the warring samurai and ninja, it’s the smaller, cleverer opponent who triumphs over the bulky brute. Even in amongst all the snot jokes and creative name-calling (curly cod droppings was my personal favourite), it’s nice to see that being clever wins the day.

Find the full Readings Children’s Book Prize shortlist here, and don’t forget you can buy all six of our wonderful shortlistees in a specially-priced pack.

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Samurai vs Ninja 1: The Battle for the Golden Egg

Nick Falk, Tony Flowers

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Samurai vs Ninja 1: The Battle for the Golden Egg

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