Five reasons we love Run, Pip, Run by JC Jones

Run, Pip, Run is one of the six books shortlisted for this year’s Readings Children’s Book Prize (update: it’s now the WINNER of the Readings Children’s Book Prize!). Here are five reasons why we think it’s brilliant.

1. You will adore Pip.

She’s plucky, she’s smart and she has such a good heart. Pip is on the run after her guardian Sully has a stroke, and she’s determined not to let the cops catch up with her or they’ll send her to the welfare workers. Pip is fiercely independent, and she relies on her brain to get her out of some tight spots, all while working hard to get the money for Sully’s rehab. She’s an incredible character!

2. The story doesn’t pull any punches.

If a book about a young girl trying to survive homelessness after her caretaker ends up in hospital doesn’t sound like a light and fluffy read, well, that’s because it’s not. Pip doesn’t have an easy time of things after Sully has his stroke – she faces bullying, teenage muggers and even an attempted abduction. And while that might seem like a heavy load for young readers, Pip’s voice is so clever and upbeat that it never feels like the subject matter is too much.

3. There’s lots to discuss.

Whether you’re looking for a great read for a capable nine- to twelve-year-old, or you’re wanting something to share with a class, Run, Pip, Run is the perfect book. Between the brilliant characters and the struggles that Pip in particular goes through, there are plenty of talking points here.

4. It’s exciting.

The action is right there in the title – Pip is indeed on the run, and there are plenty of close calls and hairy situations that will have readers on the edge of their seats. It’s the moments when Pip is backed into a corner that she really shines.

5. It’s an uplifting read.

Sad moments and difficult situations aside, Run, Pip, Run really is an inspiring read. Not only is Pip resilient and upbeat, she finds kindness in a lot of unexpected places, from friends as well as strangers. It will definitely leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Find the full Readings Children’s Book Prize shortlist here, and don’t forget you can buy all six of our wonderful shortlistees in a specially-priced pack.

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