Five CDs To Play This Halloween

Music lover Ingrid Josephine makes suggestions for some CDs to play this Halloween – a couple of which are perhaps not so much ‘scary’ as appropriately named.


halloween-music***Halloween Classics* by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra**

What better way to kick off this list than with ghoulish delights from the Greats such as Puccini’s ‘Witches’ Sabbath’, Chopin’s ‘Funeral March’, Mozart’s ‘The Statue Drags the Libertine to Hell from Don Giovanni’, and Tchaikovsky’s ‘Baba Yaga’. In this recording, The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra gives us a rousing rendition of these classics and others.

bush-ghosts-halloween***My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts* by David Byrne and Brian Eno**

This 1981 album (reissued in 2006) from the great collaboration of Eno & Byrne was way ahead of its time and anticipated the creative cross-pollination and technological innovation of contemporary electronic dance music, world music, hip hop and alternative rock. The album takes its name from a novel by African writer, Amos Tutuloa, whose book My Life in the Bush of Ghosts recounts the fate of mortals who stray into the world of ghosts. Scary tales, and a scarily spot-on album that fits perfectly into new musical trends, despite being recorded over 30 years ago.

lynch-halloween***Crazy Clown Time* by David Lynch**

This electro-pop album from David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead) is as weird as you’d expect. Much-loved for his work on television and film, for his visceral, surrealistic imagery and his stylised use of music that verges on intrusive, he once said, ‘People call me a director, but I really think of myself as a sound man’. If you’re a fan, this CD is a must.

fleetwood-mac-halloween***Black Woman Magic: The Best of Fleetwood Mac* by Fleetwood Mac**

For those looking for Halloween costume inspiration look no further than Stevie Nicks, whose preferred get-up is perfect for the witching hour. Perhaps throw on this album to prepare for you Halloween night and listen to songs like ‘Hellhound On My Trail’ and ‘Cold Black Night’. Don’t forget to turn on your wind machine to flutter your sleeves while you listen to ‘Black Magic Woman’ and contemplate whether to trick or treat.

haunted-man-bat***The Haunted Man* by Bat for Lashes**

The latest offering from this talented songstress is a wonderful listen, haunting and soaring and ‘ripe with magic realism’. Our reviewer, Michael Awosoga-Samuel, calls it ‘an intoxicating and beautifully layered record’ and we think it could just be the perfect scary choice for driving along a deserted country road, in the rain, low on petrol…

Ingrid Josephine is the Readings Marketing & Events Assistant. She is also on the grants committee for The Readings Foundation.