Emma Batchelor wins the 2021 Vogel Literary Award

Emma Batchelor has been named the winner of this year’s The Australian/Vogel Literary Award for Now That I See You, a work that explores gender identity and expression, sexuality, and love.

In those first moments, that admission felt precious to me: it was something that I alone had been deemed worthy enough to carry and I was grateful. I was grateful to finally know, but I still couldn’t speak.

Something was wrong, she knew it, but she was entirely unprepared for what he would tell her.

Viewed through the lens of a relationship breakdown after one partner discloses to the other that they are transgender, this autofiction spans eighteen months: from the moments of first discovery, through the eventual disintegration of their partnership, to the new beginnings of independence.

In diaries and letters, Now That I See You unfolds a love story that, while often messy and uncomfortable, is a poignant and personal exploration of identity, gender, love and grief.

As the winner, Batchelor will receive $20,000 and her memoir has been published by Allen & Unwin. Now That I See You is available in stores and online now.

The Vogel’s is notable for launching the careers of several prominent Australian authors, such as Tim Winton, Kate Grenville and Gillian Mears. Find out more here.

Now That I See You

Now That I See You

Emma Batchelor

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