Children’s books with non-binary and trans characters

Stories for young people with non-binary and trans characters in them are gradually becoming more available and we warmly welcome every addition to our shelves. So, to celebrate Pride Month, we have put together a collection of some recent releases.


Katerina Cruickshanks by Daniel Gray-Barnett

Katerina Cruickshanks is a wild child, a trickster, and a ringleader. But when they wreak some serious chaos, their friends decide their shenanigans have gone too far and say, ‘No more!’

Brimming with humour and warmth, Katerina shows us that there’s no such thing as being too much; it’s just a matter of finding the friends who will love you as you are. This book is a cheer of appreciation for loud, outrageous kids, particularly those who are non-binary.

A vibrant picture book for ages 3 and up.


My Shadow is Purple by Scott Stuart

My Dad has a shadow that’s blue as a berry, and my Mum’s is as pink as a blossoming cherry. There’s only those choices, a 2 or a 1. But mine is quite different, it’s both and it’s none.

A heartwarming and inspiring book about being true to yourself, by best-selling children’s book creator Scott Stuart. This story considers gender beyond binary in a vibrant spectrum of colour.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.


The Best Liars in Riverview by Lisa Thompson

A heart-warming adventure starring a non-binary six-grader and written by a debut non-binary author.

Aubrey and Joel are like two tomato vines growing along the same crooked fence. Then Joel disappears. And Aubrey was the last person to see him. The whole town is looking for Joel, but Aubrey realises they might be the only one who knows how to find him. As Aubrey, their sister, Teagan, and another friend, Mari, search along the river, will they find themselves along the way?

Suitable for readers aged 10 and up.


Too Bright to See by Kyle Lukoff

It’s the summer and eleven-year-old Bug’s best friend Moira has decided the two of them need to use the next few months to prepare. For Moira, this means figuring out clothes, makeup, and boys. But Bug doesn’t want to spend time trying to understand how to be a girl.

Besides, there’s something more important to worry about - a ghost is haunting Bug. As Bug begins to untangle the mystery of who this ghost is and what they’re trying to say, an altogether different truth comes to light – Bug is transgender.

Suitable for readers aged 10 and up.


Ana on the Edge by A.J. Sass

Paperback due late June

Ana-Marie Jin, US Juvenile figure skating champion, is not a frilly dress kind of kid. So, when Ana learns that next season’s program will be princess themed, doubt forms fast. Still, Ana tries to focus on putting together a stellar routine worthy of national success.

Ana meets Hayden, a transgender boy new to the rink, and when Hayden mistakes Ana for a boy, Ana doesn’t correct him. As their friendship develops, Ana realizes that it’s tricky juggling two identities on one slippery sheet of ice. With a major competition approaching, Ana must decide whether telling everyone the truth is worth risking years of hard work.

Suitable for readers aged 10 and up.

My Shadow is Purple

My Shadow is Purple

Scott Stuart

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