Bookseller raves about Jenny Offill’s new novel

The long-awaited new novel from author Jenny Offill, Weather, has arrived in-store this month and we’re already sure it’s going to be one of the best books of 2020. Our booksellers share why they love it here.

“Jenny Offill is a writer of our time. Her insights are luminous and startlingly familiar, her style effortless. I loved this book, I only wish there was more of it! Weather is sure to be on many picks of 2020 lists.”

Danielle Mirabella

Weather is nothing short of brilliant. The short peeks into Lizzie, the protagonist’s mind, lulled me into an anxious hum about the world. Reading it felt like a storm slowly building, and building, until you realise that you have left the house without an umbrella, in a white shirt and have no idea what to do, but laugh.”

Rosalind McClintock

“A dizzying, rapid-fire delivery of dead-eye accurate aphorisms, Weather is intellectually agile and flat-out hilarious. I read it in one sitting and was gasping for breath by the end.”

Roland Bisshop

“Reading Jenny Offill’s Weather induced in me a kind of breathless panic, one tempered by bouts of surprised laughter at her ability to transform the grim into hilarious.”

Bronte Coates

Weather is a book that appears bang on time: it’s about the irony of lives that go on as ‘normal’ because they are yet to be directly impacted by the climate crisis that is plainly unfolding in front of us. For me, this book exemplifies how reading and writing are crucial to how we’ll make our future: Offill exposes us and we should feel uncomfortable enough to act.”

Alison Huber

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