Books we want to see in 2020

Our booksellers share their thoughts on the kinds of books they’d like to get their hands on 2020 – everything from a trendy collection of nontoxic cleaning ideas, to more rainbow families in middle grade.

“A fashion history of hats that covers the way Trump has politicised the baseball hat, and more. Also in nonfiction, I would definitely read a book on the rise of neighbourhoods and what they mean, a DIY design book about decorating with recycled items, or an exploration of why Halloween is on the rise, while Christmas not so much… I would also like a really good steamy literary love story. I’m picturing a modern day Orlando

Chris Gordon

"I would like to read more dystopian or post-apocalyptic fiction with strong female protagonists. I’d also love a new book from Anna Funder.”

Megan Wood

“I would like to see a ‘cookbook’ of zero-waste and nontoxic cleaning recipes, but like, a trendy one. I’m also keen for more essay or story collections from gender diverse authors. And maybe a book about podcasting – once that covers what makes a good podcast, with interviews from people who’ve created popular podcasts.”

Ellen Cregan

“More spec-fic anthologies featuring writers of colour and First Nations writers. More sci-fi and fantasy from Australian publishers by Australian authors with a big marketing push behind them! And more rainbow families and LGBTQIA+ characters in middle grade fiction – picture books and YA is slowly getting better but the 8-12 age group is woefully underserved.

Also, more books that get everyone talking! Like Ducks Newburyport.”

Leanne Hall

“Would love to read the contemporary YA story about a teenager and their family surviving in the precarious outer suburbs. Think Deadly Unna? for these digital, deregulated and diverse times.”

Mike Shuttleworth

“The rising tide of parenthood is seeping through my friend circle at the moment. Many of us are from immigrant families, and it’s thrown up a lot of questions around the cultural assumptions of raising children and how to help your child feel connected to multiple cultures. So I’d love to see a book that deals with parenting from a first/second/third-generation immigrant’s perspective – what compromises are made, how perspectives can shift, even just the bare bones practicalities of helping your child be multilingual. Whether it’s one person sharing their experience in a memoir, or a collection of voices in an anthology devoted to the matter, I think a resource like that would be invaluable.

On a shallower note, I would also like more fiction about corrupt, privileged dynastic families and their power plays – to tide me over until the next season of Succession.”

Jackie Tang

‘I’m a huge picture book fanatic and I’ve loved seeing the growth of board books in recent years. It’s so great to be able to give a very small person a durable book to play with that they can’t destroy – easily at least! I’d also love to see a similar interest in regards to books for older children on the cusp of chapter books. I’m thinking along the lines of illustration-heavy chapter books, text-heavy picture books, simple treasuries, and so on.’

Bronte Coates

Ducks, Newburyport

Ducks, Newburyport

Lucy Ellmann

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