Beginner's Guide to Ali Hazelwood

Ali Hazelwood is one of the most well-known authors in romance right now! But if you're new to her work, it's hard to know where to start. So to celebrate the launch of her latest book, Bride, I thought I'd create a guide to help you decide which Hazelwood to pick up first.

For the paranormal addicts...


Hazelwood's latest book is quite different from her other titles. Bride is her first book that isn't contemporary, but don't worry, there's still lots of romance!

A marriage for convenience story, Bride follows Misery Lark, daughter of the powerful Vampyre councilman of the southwest who is, in order to uphold the peaceful alliance between Vampyre's and Were's, is required to marry the mortal enemy, the Alpha Lowe Moreland. But Misery gladly accepts the arrangement as she has plans of her own that have nothing to do with politics or alliances... But will Lowe see through her plans?

For the chronological release date readers...

The Love Hypothesis

The book that started it all, a TikTok sensation, The Love Hypothesis put Hazelwood's name on the map!

Third-year Ph.D. candidate, Olive Smith doesn't believe in love, not after her ex destroyed her emotionally. But her best friend Anh won't stop hasseling her to date. So when she's about to be caught out for lying about being on a date Olive panics and kisses a random man in the office ... who just so happens to be Adam Carlsen, a professor and an asshole. But for some reason, he agrees to be her pretend boyfriend. The Love Hypothesis is full of miscommunication, fake dating and all the complications that come with it!

For the Grumpy/Sunshine lovers...

Love on the Brain

If you love cats, this ones for you!

Bee Konigswasser lives by a simple code: What would Marie Curie do? When Bee is offered the lead on a neuroengineering project at NASA, AKA her dream job, she knows she has to take it. Even if it means co-leading with the handsome but cold Levi Ward, her archenemy from grad school. Now her equipment keeps going missing and colleagues ignore her. She can't help but think Levi is behind it all ... So why is he acting like he's on her side? And why does he keep devouring her with his eyes?

For the fake dating fiends...

Love Theoretically

Theoretical physicist Elsie Hannaway is barely scraping by on a adjunct professors salary. So to keep the lights on, she offers her services as a fake girlfriend. That's how she meets Jack Smith, annoyingly attractive experimental physicist (aka the enemy) and older brother of her favourite client. Jack rules the physics department at MIT and could be the one person to grant Elsie her dream job, or crush her dreams forever.

Elsie will go to war for the job that she's worked so hard for, but she will also have to fight against the feelings she's starting to develop for Jack.

For the young adult readers...

Check & Mate

Personally, this is my favourite of Hazelwood's catalogue (so far!) Check & Mate is Hazelwood's first book for a young adult audience but don't worry, older readers will still love it!

Mallory Greenleaf had sworn she would never play chess again. Not after how it had destroyed her family. But where her best friend convinces her to play in a tournament, she somehow beats the current world chess champion, Nolan 'Kingkiller' Sawyer. Her victory opens the door to sorely needed cash-prizes that will help keep her family afloat. Although Mallory swears she's only doing it for the money, she can't help but feel the love for the game slowly come creeping back. And then there's Nolan...

For the short fiction fans...

Loathe to Love You

If you're a short story fan or just wanting to dip your toe in to the world of Ali Hazelwood, then this collection of three short stories by Hazelwood is the best way to go.

Under One Roof is an enemies to lovers story about Mara, an environmental engineer who moves into a sharehouse with the enemy! Aka Liam, a glowering, grumpy big-oil lawyer.

Stuck with You is a forced proximity story about civil engineer Sadie who gets stuck for hours in a tiny New York elevator with the man who broke your heart.

Below Zero is a villain turned hero story about Hannah, a NASA aerospace engineer who ends up stranded at a remote Artic research station and the only person who can save her is her longtime rival.

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Ali Hazelwood

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