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Book Launch: Soldiers and Aliens

Readings Carlton — Woiworung Country, 309 Lygon St, Carlton, Victoria, 3053

Julian Burnside will be launching Soldiers and Aliens by June Factor, the story of the four thousand Australian soldiers in World War II who signed up for service and were never to fire a weapon. Their work was essential for the war effort, but they were ‘aliens’-non-British subjects-many born in other countries.

Scholars and peasants, musicians and factory workers, communists and royalists, Jews and Catholics, animists and atheists, they all laboured under standard strict Army regulations, living in tents and huts, loading and unloading trains, working the wharves, cutting timber and transporting goods. Largely forgotten, their contribution to Australia during World War II makes for an engrossing story and provides new insights into a critical period of Australian history.

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Soldiers and Aliens

Soldiers and Aliens

June Factor

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