Miles Franklin Longlist 2016

 Read reviewGhost River

Ghost River

Tony Birch

The river is a place of history and secrets. For Ren and Sonny, two unlikely friends, it's a place of freedom and adventure. For a group of storytelling vagrants, it's a refuge. And for the isolated daughter of a cult reverend,...

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 Read reviewLeap


Myfanwy Jones

A few weeks after finishing their final exams high school sweethearts have an argument at a party. Joe wants to go - Jen begs him to stay. They fight in the corridor, following their usual script, and then he walks out and leaves...

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 Read reviewHope Farm

Hope Farm

Peggy Frew

'They were inescapable, the tensions of the adult world - the fraught and febrile aura that surrounded Ishtar and those in her orbit, that whined and creaked like a wire pulled too tight.'

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 Read reviewComing Rain

Coming Rain

Stephen Daisley

Set in 1950s rural Australia, a moving and profound examination of masculinity and the complex nature of male friendship.

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 Read reviewBlack Rock White City

Black Rock White City

A.S. Patric

Intensely human, yet majestic in its moral vision, Black Rock White City is an essential story of Australia's suburbs now, of displacement and immediate threat, and the unexpected responses of two refugees as...

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The Hands: An Australian pastoral

The Hands: An Australian pastoral

Stephen Orr

On a cattle station that stretches beyond the horizon, 7 people are trapped by their history and the need to make a living. Trevor Wilkie, the good father, holds it all together, promising his sons a future he no longer believes...

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