Windows by Patrick Guest & Jonathan Bentley

No doubt, there will be a number of books published in the wake of our year of lockdown, but none quite so beautiful or pitch perfect as this one. As a variety of solitary children in very different homes stare out their windows, they see a world that seems so quiet, empty and different. They notice things that they may have missed before. When a noise below the window distracts the children, they see a grandfatherly figure, dancing and being silly, reminding them that soon they will be able to be together and hug again.

Written by Melbourne author Patrick Guest, an essential worker who had to move out of the family home during lockdown, and lovingly illustrated in record time by Jonathan Bentley, this book speaks directly to children about our time of isolation. It’s a gentle reflection on the challenges faced by families this year and a reminder of the many joys to come. Highly recommended for ages 3+.

Angela Crocombe is the manager of Readings Kids.

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Patrick Guest

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