White Ninja by Tiffiny Hall

[[tiffiny]]Thirteen-year-old Roxy Ran wishes she was popular and beautiful like her big sister, Electra, and that the school bully, Heroshi, would stop tormenting her.

Her mother is Japanese and a part-time ninja, but Roxy doesn’t realise her own talents until her hands flash invisible and she can suddenly jump onto buildings and fight.

She begins ninja training and learns that samurai, including Heroshi, are her mortal enemies. There’s also the ancient legend of a White Warrior who must be awakened, but first Roxy must fight four ancient ninjas in the Cemetery of Warriors and defeat Heroshi.

This book is perfect for any young readers interested in martial arts, but it’s also empowering and inspiring. It’s the first book in a trilogy and John Marsden has given it an impressive endorsement.

[[angela__crocombe]] Angela Crocombe

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White Ninja

Tiffiny Hall

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