Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford

Under instruction from his deceased father, low-key, likeable hero Al is caught riding a wave of action and criminal behaviour as he goes back in time to stop the go-kart accident that causedhis father’s early death.

Al has a great relationship with his charming, robe-wearing, chai-drinkingIndian grandfather, and a focus on family in this novel means the author has created a warm and funny time-travel story that doesn’t ever come off as corny. Simple explanations of Einstein’stheory are included within the text and this book nurtures an interest in scientific theory in its readers. Strong, thoughtful characters, along with plenty of wit and adventure, ensure it will appeal to a wide audience though. Great for ages 9 and up.

Kim Gruschow

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Time Travelling with a Hamster

Ross Welford

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