The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty by Beatrice Alemagna

The youngest member of a brilliant family, Edith thinks she’s not very good at anything. But when Edith – who lives in Paris and is five-and-a-half years old – goes in search of the perfect birthday gift for her mother, something magical happens. Her quest is to find ‘a marvellous fluffy squishy itty bitty’. With the help – and sometimes the hindrance – of her favourite shopkeepers Edith succeeds – marvellously!

Through the eyes of a child we encounter a Paris that is familiar and fresh, while joyous wordplay adds to the pleasure. If you like fine picture books then you will certainly want your own ‘marvellous fluffy squishy itty bitty’.

Mike Shuttleworth

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The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty

Beatrice Alemagna

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