The Great Feminist Denial: Monica Dux & Zora Simic

This book is about a journey that is shared by many women. The trip of a lifetime! The Great Feminist Denial takes us on a scenic view from past years where women embraced feminism, created their own social consciousness, but then felt a little miffed when the train took a different turn on the tracks. What happened to feminism? What happened to feeling part of a collective; understanding the messages; feeling quietly confidently that the world was ours?

I’ve lived that train trip depicted in this book. So to be honest I read The Great Feminist Denial with glee – it warmed my tired feminist heart, because again I felt part of a collective. In this uniquely Australian book, the authors have collected thoughts from a range of women; interviewed others; listed influential books; named the people we followed and still follow (or didn’t and still don’t); and shared their own experiences. Brilliant. And the best part? Feminism – alive and well – in different shapes – but there for the taking and the sharing. Oh, and if you are a Greer fan – this one really is for you.