The Giant and the Sea by Trent Jamieson & Rovina Cai

This is a beautiful story that feels like an ancient folk tale but could also be a warning about human inaction on climate crisis. In The Giant and the Sea, a giant protects the people by watching the sea. One day, she tells a girl that a machine in the city must be shut off or the sea will rise, but when the brave girl faces the businessmen in charge of the machine, they laugh at her and refuse. Of course, there are grave consequences for ignoring the giant.

Author Trent Jamieson is normally a horror writer and this is his first foray into picture books. The result is profoundly moving and a little terrifying. With evocative, moody illustrations by award-winning Melbourne-based illustrator Rovina Cai, this is a powerful story that can be enjoyed by a variety of age levels. It could be used in schools to talk about storytelling or climate crisis, but it can also be enjoyed as a parable in picture book format. Suitable for ages 5+.

Angela Crocombe is the manager of Readings Kids.

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The Giant and the Sea

Trent Jamieson

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