The Dark Wet by Jess Huon

The Dark Wet is Jess Huon’s first collection of short stories. Each story explores what it means to be human in this complex world and the various struggles people experience in remarkably different circumstances. The first of three self-contained stories follows a young artist called Jed who has an inexplicably strong yearning for his childhood friend, Danny Hess. The second story centres on the indefinable bond between Isabelle and Oliver. No doubt the third story draws on Jess’s personal experiences living and working in India. Here, she follows a young Australian woman to India from a Buddhist monastery to a Christian ashram.

Jess Huon is a beautiful writer with a unique turn of phrase. The Dark Wet traipses across the emotional landscapes of love, desire, sex and intimacy. It is well worth the wild, and joyous journey.

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The Dark Wet

Jess Huon

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