The Bolds to the Rescue by Julian Clary & David Roberts

Our favourite, outrageous, animal family from Fairfield Road have returned in this Julian Clary sequel! The Bolds to the Rescue reunites readers with the hilarious hyena family of four, along with introducing a gallery of new friends who dream of breaking free from animal limits and embracing the human world. The Bolds’ household is hence transformed into a side-splitting school that aims to introduce these troubled and diverse characters into a new environment.

From singing poodles to pantless rams, author Julian Clary and illustrator David Roberts will have both children and parents addicted to an entertaining and exciting storyline – a storyline that was not worth putting down! Not only does this new story maintain the laugh-outloud antics of the previous novel, but it also has subtle undertones for young readers about the importance of accepting others and being themselves.

Andrew Borg

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The Bolds to the Rescue

Julian Clary

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