Smooch and Rose by Samantha Wheeler

When Rose and her Gran find a hurt koala on their property, they never imagine the series of events that will unfold. Rose helps the local wildlife carer look after the baby koala (Smooch) as it grows up and practises her skills looking after native animals. Eventually, Smooch is released back into the trees on the property. But when developers want to buy her Gran’s strawberry farm and Rose realises that the koala’s trees will be chopped down, she springs into action. She organises a petition, writes letters to people of influence and overcomes her fear of public speaking to give a presentation to the council.

For anyone who loves animals and wants to make a difference, Smooch and Rose is an enjoyable and empowering story that provides lots of great ideas about how to be involved in animal protection. And it features a very cute koala!

Angela Crocombe

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Smooch & Rose

Samantha Wheeler

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